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Looking for langston movie. If you're looking for a film about Langston Hughes, look elsewhere. I saw the film at the Nuart in West Los Angeles, one of the premiere specialty theaters in town. It was playing on a double bill with the virtually unwatchable, ROBERT MAPPLETHORPE GETS HIS NIPPLE PIERCED. After suffering through that hideous film, I was then subjected to a film supposedly about Langston Hughes, but really nothing more than a production designer demo. The film looked nice, but outside of a few short clips of Hughes, you wouldn't even know that the film was about him. Rather than explore the life of one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, the film seems more interested in parading images of gay men on the screen. The film doesn't even seem to explore the alleged homosexuality of Langston Hughes, at least not in a way that a heterosexual can understand. After the film was over, the audience was so disappointed, that the line for patrons to get their money back was longer than the line to purchase tickets.

Looking for langston film. Issac Julien's incredibly lush visual exploration of the idea of Langston Hughes' sexuality. In this film Julien creates a space of queer liberation around an African-American literary icon. Julien stated in an interview with the great poet Essex Hemphill (whose writing is used as text in the film) that he sought to "construct a narrative that would allow viewers to meditate and to think, rather than be told." This is exactly what is accomplished in this profoundly beautiful and intellectually thrilling short film. Looking for langston wikipedia. Looking for langston full movie free. Made when Julien was a member of the Sankofa Film and Video Collective, 'Looking for Langston' is introduced as being 'a meditation on Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance'. Fusing poetry - Hughes's own, as well as poems by Essex Hemphill and Bruce Nugent - with an archival exploration of the period in the 1920s when black artists and writers were 'in vogue' with the Harlem taste-makers of the day, 'Looking for Langston' is more a dreamscape in black and white than it is a documentary on the period. With style and lyricism, Julien organises his images to music and poetry and meditates on beauty, particularly the 'forbidden' beauty of black gay culture in a society where black homosexuality was seen as a 'sin against the race [which] had to be kept secret'. Filmmaker Isaac Julien Premiere - Country United Kingdom Year 1989 Medium 16mm Length 40’ Language English Producer BFI British Film Institute, Sankofa Film and Video, Nadine Marsh-Edwards Sales BFI British Film Institute Writer Isaac Julien Cast John Wilson.

Looking for langston isaac julien. Looking for langston movie opening credits. Looking for langston julien. Isaac Julien, Pas de Deux 2, 1989. Courtesy of Galerie Ron Mandos Galerie Ron Mandos is proud to present an exhibition on Isaac Julien’s seminal poetic film Looking for Langston (1989). The series is an homage by acclaimed artist Isaac Julien (1960, London) to Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance. This award-winning and strong-minded screening, on show as the restored 16 mm film, is accompanied by photographic work, that explore the fractured narratives of memory and desire. Langston Hughes (1902-1967) is an American poet and writer. With his poems Hughes fought for awareness and empowerment of the Afro American community, and against racism and discrimination. Although it was commonly presumed that he was gay, he never openly came out. For Julien, the central question within the film was how to portray Langston Hughes as a cultural icon and, in terms of dealing with a repressed gay desire. He explores the ambiguous sexual subtexts of a period of rich artistic expression, and the enduring cultural significance of these pioneers’ work. Julien mediates with a cheerful perspective on Langston Hughes coming out. The exhibition shows a juxtapose between the past and the present. The Harlem Renaissance was a flowering of African-American social thought that was expressed through the arts in the 20s. Extracts from Hughes' poetry is interwoven with the work of cultural figures from the 1920s and beyond, including black poets Essex Hemphill and Bruce Nugent, constructing a lyrical and multilayered narrative. An interesting aspect of Looking for Langston is the controversy surrounding it. Though Julien contrasts the present with this elegant past - the voiceover references the ravages of AIDS which were at its height during filming - the work showcases a serious comment evaporated in its hazy look. While Julien was directing the film, he studied the photographs of James Van der Zee, George Platt Lynes and Robert Mapplethorpe. Working with Nina Kellgren (cinematographer) and Sunil Gupta (photographer), he created three photographic series. These photographs deploy an array of old and new technologies. For Julien, the photographs act as memorial sites. One can see a direct relation between these images imbued with references to the history of 1930s black and white African American photography and 1980s queer cultures. Isaac Julien: "The most interesting question for me proved to be: what did black artists actually want to say? What would their art look like if its internal dialogues were made accessible to a wider audience? ‘Looking for Langston’ came out of just such a conversation, one connected to black gay desire and to photography. But it was really born of thinking about the textuality that belongs to the innermost life of one’s consciousness. " The film has won over half a dozen international awards. Julien studied painting and fine art film at St Martin’s School of Art, London. Having taught at Harvard University, Julien is currently a member of faculty at the Whitney Museum of American Arts and Professor of Global Art at the University of the Arts, London. Julien’s work can be found in many important public and private collections including Tate Modern, London; Centre Pompidou, Paris; MoMA, New York; Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art; Guggenheim Museum; the National Museum of Norway; Goetz Collection; Louis Vuitton Art Foundation; the Zeitz Foundation amongst others. Furthermore, he has won many awards including the Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award (2014); Performa Award (2008); MIT Eugene McDermott Award in the Arts (2001); Frameline Lifetime Achievement Award (2002). Julien was nominated for the Turner Prize for his works The Long Road to Mazátlan and Vagabondia (2001). Galerie Ron Mandos has developed an ever more ambitious exposition program in the last two decades. Its spacious location in the Amsterdam gallery district functions as a platform for cutting-edge contemporary art exhibitions. New and dynamic ways of artistic expression are continuously sought. Location Amsterdam, Netherlands

Looking for langston youtube. Looking for langston analysis. Looking for langston cast. Synopsis A black and white, fantasy-like recreation of high-society gay men during the Harlem Renaissance, with archival footage and photographs intercut with a story. A wake is going on, with mourners gathered around a coffin. Downstairs is an elegant bar where tuxedoed men dance and talk. One of them has a dream in which he comes upon Beauty, who seems to reject him, although when he awakes, Beauty is sleeping beside him. His story and his visits to the jazz and dance club are framed by voices reading from the poetry and essays of Hughes and others. The text is rarely explicit, but the freedom of gay Black men in the 1920s in Harlem is suggested and celebrated visually. Cast Crew Details Genre Director Producer Writer Editor Cinematography Production Design Composers Sound Popular reviews More Almost immediately, I was struck by the melancholy tone of this meditation on Langston Hughes. Not quite a documentary, not quite a biopic, it's more of a, fittingly enough, poem celebrating the late poet's role as a black gay public figure. The film uses readings of Hughes' poetry and the poetry of his contemporaries to create a picture of Hughes and the history of black gay men in America. It's haunting and mournful and beautiful. I am not overly familiar with Hughes' work. I've read a few poems, but I could name any. But hearing them spoken over the images of men dancing in stark black-and-white, seeing the graceful romance between Hughes and Beauty (a stunning figure who was aptly… The fact that this is as underseen as it is might as well be criminal All of it is so incredibly gorgeous, solemnity and celebration backed by an undercurrent of eroticised, fearless passion and quashed repression; desires unleashed, met, unmet, but allowed to finally exist at all. But, of course, the dream doesn't last; the fact that Julien chooses to end the film as he does--which is obviously heartbreaking but perhaps also necessary--a raid scored to the most effervescent, amazing house music (by Todd Terry, sampling both Mr. Fingers and Public Enemy!! ), swirling, gliding black bodies halted by the interjection of hateful oppression, is one of the smartest moves pulled here, bringing the past to the present; look at how… WATCH MORE BLACK FILM CHALLENGE 2020 - watch a movie from the 1980s (either by a black director or featuring a black lead) 3/40 I absolutely love the way this blends archive footage, poetry readings, and video. I've been getting more and more interested in non-documentary films that utilize archive footage. this actually gave me a nice burst of inspiration - the things you can make with archival footage to honor people, eras, art, etc is truly boundless. if the footage isn't there (ie Harlem Renaissance gay love), you can make it yourself. there's an odd truth to the manipulation of archive footage. it's like, creating a truth that we know to be true, but never get to see. it gives it more of a reality. in this case, it's the reality of black male art and black male love. it extends the legacy of that reality, gives it new life. aaaaaa art *chef's kiss* Absolutely incredible, beautiful film. Many films try to feel like a dream, but this is one of the few that make me so immersed that I feel like I had fallen asleep and was among one of the most picturesque nights I've ever had. The words themselves were taken from the perfect poems. So much eroticism, beautiful eroticism. I had never seen such a queer film, and I'm absolutely in love. in memory of james baldwin! 💕 one of the greatest invocations of an era, of desires that had to remain in the spaces between lines for fear of being made explicit in a society that already marginalised black men, of words exchanged in the dark, of a movement that could not be extinguished and the comfort found in community. essential. Recent reviews Immensely beautiful and poetic. jesus christ this was so beautiful to watch and just listen to. the way the poetry overlaps w certain scenes was so lovely. and i just felt very good watching this A beautiful and elegant masterpiece.  It would be great to watch it with “I’m not your negro”. Me lembrou o cinema do Marlon Riggs. Um manifesto em forma de filme. Sensacional flowers for essex hemphill everything that i want in a movie Popular Lists More.

Looking for langston dvd. Looking for langston. Looking for langston watch online. A lush, seamless integration of exquisite footage into a cinematic meditation revolving around the alleged homosexuality of Langston Hughes. Whether it was so or not, is harmlessly irrelevant; Essex Hemphill and Isaac Julien also offer us a powerful short-circuit between beauty, art and politics. How much Langston Hughes was involved into this gives more relief to the inquiry.
And such electric charge between the muse (Beauty, a staggeringly handsome man) and the poet. Watch that kiss, and you'll know this is a rare example on screen of tenderness and engagement contra the usual hastiness that surrounds such encounters, reminding us that passion is not a lustful precipitated affair only, but takes on a rhythm that is as political as poetic. (Perhaps Essex Hemphill's verses are more ambitious than inspired here, compared to the ones in "Tongues Untied, but the reciting is again exemplary.)
Add to that a pinch of triangulated passion by a white rival. (Or is it not a rival, since his presence obscenely suggests Beauty is rent, making all the more ambiguous and powerful the meditation? And contrast to it the serene, exquisite presence of the actor portraying the poet, and the jazzy poet himself reciting with a terrific sense of rhythm some of his verse, ambivalently resounding in the end; matching his voice, the gripping voice of Toni Morrison reading James Baldwin in the beginning for great effect. And affect.
The cinematography is superb, evoking George Platt Lynes, a voyeur of the Harlem Renaissance.
A film on a par with Jean Genet's landmark "Un Chant d' Amour" and Derek Jarman's poetic studies.

Edit Storyline A black and white, fantasy-like recreation of high-society gay men during the Harlem Renaissance, with archival footage and photographs intercut with a story. A wake is going on, with mourners gathered around a coffin. Downstairs is an elegant bar where tuxedoed men dance and talk. One of them has a dream in which he comes upon Beauty, who seems to reject him, although when he awakes, Beauty is sleeping beside him. His story and his visits to the jazz and dance club are framed by voices reading from the poetry and essays of Hughes and others. The text is rarely explicit, but the freedom of gay Black men in the 1920s in Harlem is suggested and celebrated visually. Written by <> Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Details Release Date: 1 October 1989 (USA) See more  » Also Known As: ルッキング・フォー・ラングストン Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  »

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